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How To Fulfil The After Sales Service During Covid?


How To Fulfil The After Sales Service During Covid

Are you headace about the service on-site for assembly machine after purchasing the automated machine from China?

Even highly sophisticated robots and automated assembly machines benefit from proper usage and regular maintenance. To help you get the most out of your investment, we provide a comprehensive set of services according to your specifications.

Yicheng Automation, as the professional automated solution provider and manufacturer, understands the value of delivering projects on time, on budget, and with customers’ expectations. Even under the global outbreak of Covid-19, Yicheng team insists on going aboard to service on-site according to all your needs based on design specifications. Our service experts can provide you with technical know-how,quick troubleshooting, problem-solving and professional resources for smooth production changeover with less downtime. 

How To Fulfil The After Sales Service During Covid

Here we go with the after-sales service in detail for #assemblymachine :

1. Spare parts - ALL IN READLINESS

The quick-wear spare parts, tools, and drawings according to Yicheng machine design and warranty terms, will be full readiness to ship together with the machine shipment.

2. On-site support- LESS DOWNTIME

Yicheng professional technical experts will support  traveling on-site to set-up, debugging, technical know-how ,quick trouble shooting, problem solving, training for smooth production changeover with less downtime. Even Covid cannot stop our services.


Remote access by installed software(such as team viewer,Sun flower) in IPC to solve the program issues or guide for troubleshooting.


Yicheng on-line service team helps you to deal with preliminary trouble shooting in flunt English so that we can provide you with the best service in time.


Regular maintenance based on a maintenance plan is the best way to minimize downtime costs and maintain performance. Yicheng team will rapid response according to your request.

We Manufacture All Types of Customized Assembly Machines.

How To Fulfil The After Sales Service During Covid?

  • # Electric assembly machine(Switch/socket/Plug/Terminal block/Connector/MCB/MCCB/Cooling fans and etc)

  • # Automobiles Assembly machine(Motors,Safety belt, Airbag and etc)

  • # Medical product assembly machine(catheter,biological indicator ,testing kit ,IV line and etc)

  • #General Machine( riveting machine,screw locking machine..)

Yicheng Automation also offers :

  • # Industrial robot arm- SEKSES (Yicheng owned brand)

  • # Feeding system and CNC parts

How To Fulfil The After Sales Service During Covid?

How To Fulfil The After Sales Service During Covid?How To Fulfil The After Sales Service During Covid?

For more details, pls kindly email yicheng@dgyicheng.com or visit us in Dongguan or website: www.dgyicheng.com

Aim to create values for our customers!

How To Fulfil The After Sales Service During Covid?

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