Yicheng Automation Volunteer Team Group Building

Jun. 25, 2022

On July 4-5, 2020, Yicheng Automation's two-day volunteer team group building activity was held in Huizhou Shuang Yue Bay, about twenty volunteers participated in this activity.

In order to better promote the "dedication, love, mutual assistance, progress" of the new style of the times, to better help others, pass love, and spread positive energy, Yicheng automation in September 2019 was established in the volunteer team. Since the establishment of the volunteer team, sixteen volunteer activities have been held, and the volunteer team members have developed from a dozen people at the beginning to more than twenty people at present.

Yicheng Automation Volunteer Team Group Building

In this group building activity, the volunteer team held a summary meeting of the work of the volunteer team in 2019 and commended five excellent volunteers from the processing department Liu Cheng, quality department Zhong Yanli, engineering department Xie Zheng, administrative personnel department Pan Xiaoyu and procurement department Ni Zhiqing.

Wang Liuxiao, the vice-captain of the volunteer team, awarded trophies to the excellent volunteers and called on all volunteers to learn from the excellent volunteers. The captain of the volunteer team, Qin Shijiao, said that he would take this concluding meeting as an opportunity to seriously summarize the practical experience, continuously innovate the service form, expand the service content of the volunteer team and make a greater contribution to the development of volunteer service!

Yicheng Automation Volunteer Team Group Building

Yicheng Automation Volunteer Team Group Building

During the two days of group building activities, the volunteer team organized a beach trash cleaning operation to clean up the trash on the stacks, sea, and beach of Shuang Yue Bay. The members of the volunteer team used their hands and sweat to make a contribution to the natural environment and guard the beautiful beach with their practical actions.

The busy figures of the volunteers became beautiful scenery on the beach, and visitors praised them. Never forget the original intention, we can always get it! No matter when and where our volunteers are taking action and passing on their love.

Yicheng Automation Volunteer Team Group Building

Give one point of love, harvest ten points of happiness. We believe that the contribution of the Yicheng Automation Volunteer Team and the ubiquitous smiles will awaken the positive energy of kindness, goodness, and dedication in everyone.

The volunteer team of Yicheng Automation will also become a valuable corporate culture of Yicheng and continue to contribute to the promotion of social harmony.

Yicheng Automation Volunteer Team Group Building

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