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Tribute To Yicheng Automation's Excellent Role Model


【Learn without stopping, dedication without stopping】Tribute to Yicheng Automation's excellent role model!


On May 30, 2021, the last Sunday off in May, two teams gathered at the gate of Yicheng Automation at 8:00 a.m., and they will open a meaningful Sunday.

In May, a total of 18 employees from a number of departments, including the Engineering Department, the Assembly Department, and the Administration Department, actively participated in a two-month electrician certification training. The electrician certification training course was held independently in Yicheng Automation, and the course was set up according to the company's work and rest time: the trainer came to the company at night to train theoretical knowledge, and the students went to the school on Sunday for practical training.

 Tribute To Yicheng Automation's Excellent Role Model

The 18 students cherished the training opportunity, attended the class seriously, actively discussed the electrician's knowledge with the actual working situation, shared, discussed, and progressed together, and had a strong learning atmosphere.


As an enterprise with science and technology innovation as its core, building an organization with continuous learning ability is an important guarantee for achieving a core competitive advantage. Yicheng Automation has always paid great attention to the self-improvement of employees and provided them with training and learning opportunities through various channels to achieve common growth and development of employees and the company.


The members of Yicheng Automation volunteer team came to Liangjia Village community on Sunday morning to provide volunteer services for the "celebrate the centennial style, pass on the red gene" June 1 children's festival was held on that day.

On the occasion of June 1 Children's Day, Yicheng Automation volunteers accompanied the children to spend an educational, warm, and pleasant Sunday.

Tribute To Yicheng Automation's Excellent Role Model


At the activity site, a figure wearing the "Yicheng automation volunteers" red vest shuttle busy, moving tables, setting up booths, site guidance, game judges, issuing prizes, interacting with children... ... The volunteers of Yicheng Automation left a deep impression on the event organizers, parents and children.


Yicheng Automation actively promotes employee volunteerism, cultivates the spirit of dedication, actively participates in and supports public welfare, and practices corporate social responsibility with practical actions.

Tribute To Yicheng Automation's Excellent Role Model


Learning without stopping, giving without stopping! The volunteers of Yicheng Automation who have the spirit of love and dedication, and the partners who use their time off to recharge and learn, are our role models to learn from!


All colleagues of Yicheng Automation will learn from the role model and struggle on the way to pursuing dreams!

Tribute To Yicheng Automation's Excellent Role Model


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