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Serious Epidemic Abroad, Yicheng Service Does Not Stop!1


At the beginning of January 2021, two technical teams of Yicheng Automation went to Poland and Germany respectively, and began to carry out 1-2 months of automation equipment installation and commissioning work for Polish and German customers.

Serious Epidemic Abroad, Yicheng Service Does Not Stop!

Under the epidemic, the health and safety of Yicheng's technical team members working overseas were under great threat; strict preventive and control measures at home and abroad, closure of business visa channels, flight control, and a significant increase in costs; and various difficulties and uncertainties increased.

The technical team eventually traveled around the world as scheduled to provide technical support to our overseas customers, regardless of the cost. 

All we did was to ensure that overseas customers could put the automation equipment developed by Yicheng into production as planned.

Serious Epidemic Abroad, Yicheng Service Does Not Stop!

With the philosophy of "creating value for our customers", Yicheng's service never stops at any time. In this regard.

We would like to pay tribute to our technical team members in Poland, Germany, and Korea.

You deserve our respect and admiration for your courage in going forward and giving up your Chinese New Year holidays for family reunions.

That you were the most handsome back walkers in the epidemic.

Thank you for your bravery and fearlessness.

Thank you for your contribution to Yicheng and to our customers.

That you are the pride of Yicheng, and indeed of Chinese companies.

We look forward to your speedy triumph and safe return.

Serious Epidemic Abroad, Yicheng Service Does Not Stop!

We would like to pay tribute to the families and friends of our technical team members.

We thank our family members for their understanding.

We thank our family members and friends for their silent work behind the scenes.

Thank you for the support of your families and friends.

Together, we will do our best, and all the members of Yicheng Automation will strive to fulfill our mission of serving our customers with practical actions.

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