Overcome the Epidemic Together

Aug. 06, 2022

A sudden epidemic disrupted the work and life rhythm of people all over the country. Since New Year's Eve, Yicheng Automation has quickly launched a series of emergency measures for epidemic prevention and control. After careful deployment and preparation during the holidays, we successfully resumed work on February 10, 2020.

Winning the war against the epidemic we are in action

Winning The War Against The Epidemic We Are In Action

Overcome the Epidemic Together

As one of the first enterprises to resume work in Dongguan, under the guidance of local government departments, we strictly enforced the resumption standards, formulated epidemic prevention and control plans and emergency plans, equipped with masks, thermometers, and disinfectantss, set up temperature monitoring posts and established employee health accounts to ensure that epidemic prevention and control measures were put in place. 

During the period, the leaders of Shijie town government and Liangjia village committee visited our factory many times for inspection and guidance and expressed their affirmation to our company's epidemic prevention and control work.

Overcome the Epidemic Together

Government leaders inspected and guided

Government Leaders Inspected And Guided

Overcome the Epidemic Together

We have entered the second week of resumption of work, in the face of the epidemic, under the premise of doing sufficient measures to prevent and control the epidemic, Yicheng Automation has not retreated, nor have our employees retreated. 

As an automation equipment manufacturer, we not only want to fulfill our promise to our customers and complete their orders as soon as possible according to the original plan; at the same time, in the face of the shortage of masks nationwide, we quickly deployed technical elites from various departments and set up a mask machine project team to customize mask production automation equipment for mask manufacturers and contribute to the national epidemic prevention work.

Overcome the Epidemic Together

The epidemic has no mercy, Yicheng has mercy! We will overcome all difficulties, stick to our posts and concentrate our efforts! We are in the same boat, "Yicheng" with the war "epidemic", we are together!

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