2020 Yicheng Automation Summer Games Started Hot In June

Jul. 22, 2022

【Ignite Dreams, Cast Brilliance】2020 Yicheng Automation Summer Games started hot in June and ended perfectly on Saturday!

In June 2020, Yicheng Automation Summer Games started hot. Yicheng partners participated with great enthusiasm and have actively participated. After a week of fierce competition in the elimination rounds, June 13, ushered in the ultimate final day.

Recently, Guangdong had continuous rainstorms, but June 13 was the hottest day since the beginning of summer. The sultry weather did not stop the sun-like enthusiasm of Yicheng partners. The contestants fought bravely on the field, striving to play their best and achieve good results. The excellent performance of the contestants on the field made the watching partners admire and exclaim at the competition site.


There are two categories of sports events, including badminton, table tennis, pool, chess, basketball, and other competitive sports, as well as single jump rope, kangaroo jump, rope jumping, and quadruped running.

The team projects, such as jumping rope, quadruped running, and basketball, tested the team's common wisdom and teamwork ability. The team members on the field were sweating, the cheering partners on the side of the field were cheering for their team, and the team waiting for the field was studying the winning strategy and actively practicing under the leadership of the department head.

The atmosphere of the whole competition was tense and fierce, but also relaxed and happy, with cheering, laughter, applause and applause from time to time.... ... The competition was climaxed and exciting. The people of Yicheng played the excellent teamwork spirit, first-class energy, and enthusiasm of Yicheng to the utmost in the field.

2020 Yicheng Automation Summer Games Started Hot In June

In the laughter, the summer sports meeting of Yicheng Automation came to a successful end! In the end, the enthusiasm of everyone was still fading, and the participants and teams took pictures together to leave an unforgettable moment!

2020 Yicheng Automation Summer Games Started Hot In June

The sports meeting fully demonstrated the spirit of Yicheng people to challenge themselves, be positive, have unity, and do hard work. The spirit of the participants in the game, and the team spirit shown by the teams is inspiring.

The sports meeting is over, but our journey has been on the way, we will show the high spirit and tenacity to work together, continue to work together, ignite dreams and cast brilliance.

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