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Automated Three-Dimensional Warehouse


The automatic stereo warehouse is the warehouse automation, the warehouse goods automatically storage, access.

Types of automatic warehouse  

  1: pallet/cardboard type automatic warehouse ⇒ that is, the cardboard unit will be stored in the high-level shelves for storage of the warehouse, can effectively use the height of space.

  2:Frame type automatic warehouse⇒That is, the storage and storage of unshaped, or small-sized products in small frames.

  3:Irregular type automatic warehouse⇒that is, the container, carton, pallet, etc. can be stored and kept without shape and weight restrictions.

  4:Moving shelf type automatic warehouse⇒That is, the warehouse where the shelf can be put on the moving car for intensive storage.


Types of handling machines  

  1:Stacker⇒It is set up between the shelves and racks in the automatic warehouse and has the function of walking back and forth and lifting up and down. It is equipped with a fork to put and take goods from the shelves.

  2:4-way shuttle⇒It can move backward and forward inside the shelf and convey goods by carrying a lift.

  3:Automatic transport robot⇒Can walk without tracks and can automatically judge and avoid obstacles such as people.

 Switch Automatic Assembly Machine

  Switch Automatic Assembly Machine            

Attached equipment  

  1:Lift⇒Customized according to customer's warehouse space, size, and weight of goods to be accessed.

  2:Lifting⇒According to the demand, we can select the conveyor, automatic handling car, and other equipment.


Warehouse management system  

  1:Warehouse management system: A system that makes the operation of in-warehouse management, in-warehouse, out-warehouse, inspection, picking, etc. in the warehouse efficient.

  2:If the structure of the warehouse remains unchanged, the warehouse management system can be used to improve efficiency.

  3: It is compatible with the client's upper process system (ERP, MES, etc.).


Import advantages  

  1:Reducing the burden of operating staff⇒It is possible to achieve labor savings in places with the poor operating environments and reduce the burden of staff.

  2:Reduce human errors⇒It can reduce human errors and eliminate problems such as taking wrong goods.

  3:Efficient operation⇒It can realize smooth and smooth inbound and outbound operation and greatly improve efficiency

  4:Efficient use of warehouse space⇒Efficient use of warehouse space, making full use of high space, and automatic warehouse systems that do not require aisle space are also available.

  5: Ensuring logistics quality ⇒ Accurate implementation of FIFO improves logistics quality.

  We make reasonable suggestions based on the customer's warehouse space, the size and weight of the goods used, and the volume of business (frequency of incoming and outgoing storage).

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