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Automation Helps Manufacturing Industry Upgrade Industry 4.0 Critical Period


"By now, China's equipment manufacturing industry has developed into a mature industry with a large scale, complete system, a certain level, able to participate in international competition and basically ensure the development needs of the national economy." In March 23rd held the machinery industry information research institute "machine industry think tank" was established and public welfare research results conference, vice president of China machinery industry federation, machinery industry information research institute president Wang Wenbin said, the equipment manufacturing industry has become the global manufacturing value reconstruction, competitive pattern change, and innovation-driven main battlefield. China's equipment manufacturing industry how to achieve breakthroughs, enterprises "go out" how to avoid trade risks and trade friction, how to take advantage of "Made in China 2025" to accelerate development, become a common concern.


Wang Wenbin said, China's equipment manufacturing industry development of many favorable factors, the domestic market potential is huge, the capital is relatively abundant, human resources are also very rich. But undeniably, due to the short history, restricted conditions, compared with the international strong hand, China is still in the stage of catching up with the advanced level, rough development, lack of core capacity, inadequate supply are affecting the pace of the industry forward.

 Automation Helps Manufacturing Industry Upgrade Industry 4.0 Critical Period

"At present, China's equipment manufacturing industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading." Wang Wenbin said, in the face of the global manufacturing landscape and technology continues to change, as well as the complex and changing international political and economic, and investment environment, China must meet the challenges with the system advantages of the equipment manufacturing industry, system efficiency, accelerate the competition strategy from the scale speed to the industrial ecological competition strategy change.


On the one hand, to practice internal strength. China's development of intelligent manufacturing, to vigorously carry out automation remedial action, only most industrial enterprises in production, inventory, management, decision-making and other aspects of information technology automation to a certain level, Industry 4.0 to have achieved the industrial base; on the other hand, to good use of external forces. "One Belt and One Road" along with the countries and regions there is a huge market space, enterprises should take advantage of the country "equipment diplomacy" east wind, and actively build a "circle of friends" to achieve equipment "Go out".


By 2025, China's equipment manufacturing industry will now account for 30% of the global scale of more than 35%, high-end equipment manufacturing industry will account for 20% of the proportion of equipment manufacturing industry will now reach more than 35%, the scale of exports accounted for more than 20% of global trade. In the future, China will have a number of international resources integration capabilities, "soft and hard" large equipment manufacturing enterprises, as well as in niche areas with a strong voice of the invisible champion, key technologies will achieve a group breakthrough, strategic emerging areas with strong international competitiveness.

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