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History of Light Switches


In electrical wiring, a light switch is a switch most commonly used to operate a lamp, permanently connected device, or electrical outlet. Portable lamps such as table lamps may have a light switch mounted in a socket, on a base, or in line with the cord.

When Was The Light Switch Invented?

The earliest electrical switch was the electric light switch invented by Thomas Edison, who was also one of the main inventors of the light bulb. In preparation for the New Year celebrations in 1880, Edison created a number of electronic components for light displays. Among these components were switched.


Shortly after Edison had developed his switch, the British engineer John Henry Holmes invented the quick-break switch. This switch suppressed the build-up of residue caused by arcing and made the switch more durable. It also speeds up switching by reducing the time it takes for two electrical contacts to meet within a circuit. Push-button switches became very popular in the late 19th century.



In 1917, based on the quick-break switch, inventors Maurice Goldberg and William J. Newton of New York invented the toggle switch. To this day, toggle switches are common in North American homes and are used as everyday light switches.


While the concept of electronic switches has changed very little since the early 20th century, the way we control them has evolved. For example, with the computer technology and electronic devices now available, we can activate switches remotely using sensed environments, via signals, etc. In the future, we will only see more of this.



Design switch manufacturers design electrical switches based on specifications such as available space, environment, required accessibility, and the availability of a wide range of electrical switches. To create the electrical switch that best suits your needs, the switch manufacturer can customize switch details such as internal arrangement, control methods, enclosures, and dimensions.


For example, while many switches operate independently, the switch manufacturer can also design them to be interconnected to increase circuit options. What's more, they can design them to suit complexity. Switches can range from the simplest operation (requiring physical contact between actuator and conductor) to the most advanced (requiring induction of magnetic fields or light to open and close).

 Switch Automatic Assembly Machine

  Switch Automatic Assembly Machine     

In addition, for safety or aesthetic purposes, the electrical switch manufacturer can custom design switches with components concealed in enclosures made of wood, plastic, or metal and accessible to the switch.


Electric switch manufacturers can make very small quality switches that require the use of a miniature tool (e.g. an inkless pen) to use. At the same time, they can make switches that require only a flick of the finger or that require special force. As a switch automatic assembly machine supplier, since it was established in Ninety's, Yicheng devoted itself to producing high-quality products. To find out more about the design options available to you, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.

How is a switch made?

Early switches were made of porcelain in surface-mounted versions and operated as rotary switches with a rotating mechanism. Later, more durable Bakelite and hard rubber were used. Today they are made of modern plastics such as polycarbonate or fire-resistant ABS.

The function of One Way Switch Automatic Assembly Machine

PLC control system; base, terminals, inner knob, moving contact, plunger, and cover be fed by bowl feeder and assembling automatically; the switch automatic assembly machine is equipped with the function to lubricate oil, detect parts presence, continuity and sort out NG products automatically.

Choosing the Right Switch Automatic Assembly Machine Manufacturer

Since its establishment, Yicheng has been specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, and service of non-standard automatic production equipment, visual positioning, inspection, packing, and industrial multi-axis robots, as well as providing overall intelligent manufacturing solutions for manufacturing enterprises in the field of electrical and electronic industry, Auto industry, Health & Care and etc. If you want to know more information about switch automatic assembly machines for sale, welcome to contact us.

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