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Warmly Welcome the Top Team of BJB Group, an Enterprise with More Than 150 Years of History, to Visit Our Company for an Exchange!


On the afternoon of April 26, 2023, Yicheng Automation welcomed the high-level team of BJB Group, an enterprise with more than 150 years of development history. We are very honored for the visit of BJB Group's senior team. Mr. Yuan Zhenhai, the chairman of the board of directors, personally welcomed the guests from afar.


At the first meeting, Chairman Yuan Zhenhai introduced our main business direction to BJB Group's senior management, led them to visit our workshop, and introduced our equipment and products in detail.

We are honored to be able to communicate with enterprises with a history of 100 years. It is also our goal and effort to persist for a hundred years and make one thing better, bigger, and stronger. May the friendship between BJB Group and Yicheng Automation last forever. Yicheng Automation will also learn from the spirit of BJB Group's century-long persistence and dedication to a cause and strive to achieve a century of Yicheng Automation!


BJB Group is an innovative partner of lighting products, mainly committed to high-quality household appliances lamps, and accessories. In 1867, he began to develop connecting elements, optics and reflectors, lamp elements, etc., and sold them worldwide.

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