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Yicheng Automation At The World's Largest Industrial Event1


Yicheng Automation at the world's largest industrial event - Hannover Messe 2018!

On April 23, 2018, HANNOVER MESSE 2018, with the theme of "Industry Integration - Connection and Collaboration", opened in Hannover Messe, Germany for 5 days. Yicheng Automation (China - Dongguan) went out of China and appeared in HANNOVER MESSE.

Yicheng Automation At The World's Largest Industrial Event

There should be no second exhibition in the world that can be as magical as the 71-year-old Hannover Messe, which can make the manufacturing industry shine so much and attract global attention. And this year, Yicheng automation in this industrial event, and will bring what highlights?

With the theme of "Industrial Automation", Yicheng Automation has set foot in the fertile industrial land of Germany and participated in the Hannover Messe to compete with the world's best technology companies and show the hard strength of Chinese industry.

Yicheng Automation At The World's Largest Industrial Event

 "Industrial automation" embodies our determination to unite and innovate, advance efficiently, pursue excellence, and win the future together. On the road to exploring industrial manufacturing, Yicheng Automation keeps innovating to find more possibilities and strives to integrate innovative technologies into industrial manufacturing.

Tribute To Yicheng Automation's Excellent Role Model!
Tribute To Yicheng Automation's Excellent Role Model
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