Socket Automatic Assembly Machine

PLC control system, to complete the feeding and assembling of housing, plastic part, terminals, and other parts automatically, screw locking and detect parts presence, the good products and NG products will be unloaded separately.


Product Details

Technical Parameters


Socket Automatic Assembly Machine

Cycle Time:

1580 pcs/h

Machine OEE:


First Pass Yield:


Standard Parts Brands:

Panasonic, Festo, Schneider, Keyence, Omron, Misumi and etc

Requested Operators:

1 person





Product details

1) PLC control system.

2) Automatic feeding and assembly of base, sleeve, left the terminal, right terminal, middle terminal, spacer, baffle, spring, frame, cover, and other parts. and automatic locking screws.

3) Automatically detect the presence or absence of parts, conduct plugging force test, and unload qualified and unqualified products respectively. And check the shutter bounce.

4) Automatic detection, with or without material start and stop.

5) Automatic counting and output setting.

6) Touch screen, easy and safe operation.

7) Automatic alarm for abnormal shutdown and report abnormal information. 

Machine Video

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