Custom Automation Equipment

Yicheng offers custom automation equipment and automated assembly equipment for a variety of industries including automotive, microelectronics and precision medical device assembly. our team can program your equipment with your current control platform, providing you with a partner to meet all your industrial automation requirements.

Contact us today to learn how our custom automation equipment can add value to your manufacturing process and save you time and money.

What is custom automation equipment?

Custom automation equipment refers to customizing each manufacturing function according to the specific needs of users, which can be fully automatic or semi-automatic, depending on the needs of a specific job. Yicheng uses the latest and most advanced manufacturing technology to design, engineer, manufacture and transform custom automation equipment for various complex processes.

Custom automation equipment helps simplify industrial processes by enhancing your company’s manufacturing capabilities. Custom automation equipment covers the entire process of transferring from automatic loading and assembly to testing and inspection.

Our knowledge and experience

Special purpose machinery

Assembly and testing

Automated production lines

Robotic handling

Error-proof systems

Packaging and processing

Control systems

Welding and cutting

Pick & Place

Manual workstations

Automated part handling and positioning

Visual inspection and quality control

Advantages of custom automation equipment

When automation processes are customized to exact user specifications, they can provide companies with excellent benefits, including

Lower manufacturing costs

Automation equipment runs faster, more efficiently and for longer periods of time than manually operated equipment, and can reduce the need for manual labor, which allows you to successfully manage the increased workload and therefore increase your revenue.

Guaranteed product quality

Using automated equipment allows you to replicate the process multiple times to create identical parts with very tight tolerances. The precision achieved by automated equipment ensures that the product meets the original design specifications, reducing errors and waste. Improve product quality by focusing on product inspection and functional testing. automation equipment tests products during the manufacturing process.

Improved safety

Using automated machines minimizes the need for employees to perform potentially dangerous and injury-prone tasks. automation equipment can help reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by contact with machine tools or other potentially dangerous production machinery processes. All of our equipment is designed to meet strict safety guards and necessary safety operating requirements.

In short, custom automation equipment enables companies to produce more products in less time, streamlines manufacturing processes, and also improves product quality, reduces overall costs and generates additional revenue, all while increasing process efficiency.

Industries Most Often Served

Each industry has a unique set of manufacturing requirements, process improvements and opportunities for innovation. Our team of engineers work on all current control platforms as well as legacy platforms and have developed solutions for a wide range of industry sectors, including

Packaging industry

Electromechanical assembly

Software and technology

Automotive industry

Aerospace manufacturing

Medical and Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Hardware manufacturers

Electrical and electronics industry

Any type of manufacturing

Fibers and textiles

Food and beverage industry

If you're looking for a custom automation solution, be sure to contact us for a quote because we have over a decade of experience in the industry and we're happy to help you from start to finish, so you can trust us to deliver a quality system in a timely manner.

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